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State vehicle inspections are a ripoff!!!

State vehicle inspections are a ripoff!!!

According to Bankrate, the bill for accidents resulting from unperformed vehicle maintenance tops

$2 billion a year. (Read more: of-not-

maintaining-your- car-1.aspx#ixzz4JnAfEPsT) While the damage to vehicles is bad financially,

the possibility of causing bodily harm to yourself and others is the much larger cost…especially

if it could be prevented with a simple $12 inspection.

Missouri began performing vehicle safety inspections in December of 1968 and they have been

required of residents ever since. Today inspections are not necessary on vehicles 5 years old

or less and only every other year on vehicles over 5 years old. There is very little data on how

many vehicle crashes are prevented by performing inspections because it is very difficult to

determine the cause after a collision has occurred.

I can tell you from personal experience, with over 20 years as a Missouri State Inspector, that I

have prevented some scary stuff from happening out on the road. Many people think it is just a

formality; however, if performed correctly the way the Missouri Highway Patrol requires, it could

possibly save your life and others. It may be the best deal in the state of Missouri. Think about

it…$12 to know if your car is safe to drive, that’s a real bargain.

The cost to the shop to perform the inspection is often more than the revenue generated. So

why do we do them? Some shops perform inspections because they want to be convenient to

their customers while others take it seriously and truly care about their customer’s safety. My

recommendation is to find the shop that truly cares.

According to insurance agents I know, if you are involved in a collision that is determined to be

your fault and the damages exceed the amount you are insured for, the other parties involved

can sue you personally for the remainder of the damages. It is not uncommon for vehicle

values to exceed $70,000 and medical costs from an auto injury to far exceed $100,000. A

truly professional shop will perform the equivalent of a Missouri State Safety inspection every

time you go in for service for free.

Things can change overnight on a vehicle. Machines with moving parts need routine

maintenance and inspections. The ideal situation would be to have a qualified technician

inspect the vehicle every 5000 miles during the routine oil service. Most conditions if caught

early will cost far less if repaired early than if they are ignored. Ultimately the goal is for your

vehicle to be safe and reliable for you, your family and others on the road.

Happy motoring,

Jeff Bain, AAM

ASE Certified Master Technician

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